Top 5 Netflix Series..

One of the most beautiful feeling: sit on the couch and watch Netflix series!

  It is true that there are many dramas on Netflix, all of which cater to all tastes, but there are some series that you should never miss. These programs got a high percentage of views and was the talk of everyone, so we wanted in this article to introduce you to the 7 series of Netflix that you should watch if you have not done so yet. Are you ready? Starting..

1-Black Mirror

British drama series and science fiction, the series predicts the impact of technology, communication techniques and digital documentation on our human relations and our impressions of the truth and concepts of punishment and reward and the authority of the individual and the state. Each of the seven episodes presented a different scenario, drawing a very miserable picture of a modern life that provides tools supposedly made to make life easier.

2-House of Cards

House of Cards is an American political drama series broadcast on Netflix since February 1, 2013, in its first season of 13 episodes. The second season was released on February 4, 2014., Netflix announced the renewal of the series for a third season, which was released on February 27, 2015. A renovated paper house for a fourth season was shown on March 4, 2016, and for a fifth season will be presented in 2017.

The series in Washington, DC, revolves around the story of Frank Underwood, the leader of the Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives, the fifth district in South Carolina, who, after being overlooked as Secretary of State, created a deliberate plan to put himself in a position of strength.


Daredevil in its first season was a huge success, a success that even the channel produced Netflix did not expect, where the series presented a different style of the series of superheroes more dark and violent and more realistic than the new superheroes movies, and since it carried an adult age assessment (TV-MA) and a large budget The series was able to add several important elements that no other quotation of comics could not do.


Ozark's story revolves around a financial advisor who owes his family much money to one of the largest drug dealers in the United States. Highly influential on the whole family and the dangers have been chasing them after episode with more and more secrets exposed.

Of course, the series starring Jason Bateman, which we knew in the comedy in general, but played an excellent role in the series and next to him was the superstar Laura Linney, who never hesitated to present her character as wonderful as usual.

5-Jessica Jones

Brief story..

Since leaving the work she used to do, the result of an unexpected tragedy. Jessica Jones is trying to rebuild her life in New York City by setting up a special detective agency, the Elias Detective. Which seem to be specific to cases involving people with some distinctive abilities.

Despite suffering from a syndrome shock, it has exacerbated the psychological damage. Jessica Jones continues to fight crime, using her supernatural powers to help the weak and needy, especially those who are willing to write a cash check in the end. Even if she wants to do better, Jessica's primary goal is to save the chaotic place you live in, and to finish each day individually, not save the world.

But it continues to seek the cause of its suffering, which continues to walk freely in the world, as it pleases in people's lives. She is waiting for an opportunity to end that suffering, which has turned her life upside down.


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