Top 5 movies in my opinion..

All your coins are for sale. Choose everything about your favorite movie, your favorite movie about your favorite movie Can you agree with us?

Try to point out that these films will showcase the best movies ever. You cannot compare them with a movie and a series updated weekly when a new movie is released.

1- Dark

The first season of the Dark series was characterized by a very complex story that is difficult to understand from the first glance, centered on time travel and its endless complexities in order to change the fate of characters who fell into their trap against their will, leaving us in the last thousand questions about what happened to him and how the events will progress. The second season came.

Dark is classified by works of art that have their own audience, not the audience that is waiting to get everything but the audience that is investing its intelligence and focus with the events of the story so that it can absorb what is happening, and that is exactly what makes it one of the best television artwork released this year, A series asks you more than it gives you.

His story revolves around a series of unusual and intertwined events involving several families with supernatural relationships and deviations, set in a German town where two young children suddenly disappear, revealing dangerous secrets to the relationship between four families.

2- Avengers: Endgame

Superhero movies are not the films that deserve to be on the top lists, but what was presented at this "end of the game" was impressive. The construction of the Marvel Film World took a very long time with more than 20 films, and the result of this stage is a wonderful film in all its aspects, the film Endgame, which changed the rules of the films of superheroes, and of course will be appreciated only those who followed this world since the beginning of 2008 with the film Iron Man. Endgame deserves to be the best movie of 2019 yet waiting to see other films that might outperform it.

The story is about the aftermath of Thanos' quest to destroy half of the universe's creatures.Avengers will have to do what is necessary to turn things back and eliminate what Thanos has done, even if they have to sacrifice their lives or some of them.

3- Chernobyl

What the authors of this series in the narrative of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster has crossed all the barriers of representation and demonstration and reached the conformity of reality. They told us how the disaster erupted, how it was dealt with and how it ended with great realism that made us look like a documentary, not a drama. All this was able to convey to us through the extraordinary performance of the actors, the scenery decorations that were said to be very similar to the places where the disaster occurred ... everything is perfect in this series, which made it one of the best artworks presented this year.

The events take place during April 1986, when a huge explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the former USSR region, becoming one of the worst man-made disasters on the planet.

4- Us

In his new film, director Gordon Bailey was able to present a terrifying story that blended mysterious events, scary soundtracks and a dramatic performance, especially by actress Lupita Nyongo and her expressive and vocal performance. But the strongest thrust of the film is the story that you will need to guess and think again to know what the director is trying to tell.

This story is about a father and mother when they take their children to a house near a beach to have fun with a group of friends, but they will live the other way around. They will spend a time full of chaos and terror when another mysterious family visits them.

5- The Great Hack

We are currently living in an age of technology and technology in the vast Internet environment that everyone, small or large, is using to such an extent that this Internet and these technologies are inevitable and we cannot live normally without them. Even if you argue with me and say the opposite, you certainly do not live in our time.

It is said that those who possess the most powerful weapons in the world will not be able to, but this statement expired a long time ago. Who will not be able to invest the resources, resources and people in the new era, the age of the Internet, the age of technology, especially the era of social networking sites! Because whoever controls the world in the future - or rather more than 10 years ago - is not the one who has the lethal arsenal and weapons, who will control the world who owns the Internet and lethal technology.

You may have heard in 2016 during the US presidential campaign about the scandal that shook the world, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, when it was uncovered what was done by Cambridge Analytica, which used the personal data of Facebook users to change the course of the entire nation, the result ended President Donald Trump won the presidency.

This documentary dives into the depths of what was going on behind the scenes of what this company was doing to analyze the profiles and personalities of Facebook users in order to target them with media and advertising materials in order to change their opinion and vote for those who want the company.

In this list of works of art (films and series) we had to change the rules and broaden our view a little bit to discover that documentaries are very important. This documentary is very dangerous, and will make you rethink more than once about your use of everything related to the Internet, especially social networking sites, which for some is only for entertainment, but for others it is a weapon that can be aimed at the enemy and sabotage completely.


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