Top 5 abuot games.. |

Video games may strengthen your eyesight..

A scientific study from an American psychologist has shown that FPS improves sight and focus.

Video games teach you multitasking..

Or do more than one work at the same time. For example, The Sims, one of the missions in the game, requires you to shop a car and handle more than one thing at the same time.

We can use Tower Defense as a second example. You build many buildings, here are defenders, here are attackers, there are snipers, and at the same time sitting in the sequence of enemy attacks coming from more than one place.

Video games teach you teamwork..

Many video games, especially in this generation, support collaborative phases. Whether these phases are local or via the Internet, this develops the individual's ability to work together.

Video games relieve pain..

A western study has shown that patients who play video games require less pain relievers than those who play. The reason for this is that the patient who plays video games forgets the pain with his integration into play. With the consent of one of the doctors who conducted the study, he said that he uses video games as a kind of distraction and distraction of the patient during the operation, especially in severe pain operations.

Many video games require you to move..

Many people calculate that video games are one bear sitting in his place all night, with his eyes on television, and the Shahs and the poor coffee lying inside. In fact, there are many games that require movement, especially with the emergence of technical pieces such as Kinect and PlayStation Move, which sometimes require the player to stop and settle the role itself, whether running or speculation or others.


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